Accept others but first accept yourself

“Do you accept yourself as you are or would you like to be someone else?” We have often heard and read about the importance of accepting others to attain peace of mind. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that acceptance is the key to a calm and peaceful mind. But when we talk or think about acceptance, we generally talk about others- other people, situations or things. Seldom do we think about ourselves the way we are.

Most of us either live with superiority or inferiority complex. As they say that ‘Grass is always greener on the other side’. Similarly others’ lives always seem better. It seems that others are living perfect lives with least botherations and more happiness.

If I have to answer this question, my answer would be ‘Yes, I accept myself the way I am.’ Yes, my life is not perfect but then tell me who has a perfect life anyways? Yes, I am not perfect & I have many flaws but only if I accept myself, I would be able to work on improving myself and becoming a better person. I do have dreams and wishes but there used to be times when I longed for someone else’s life. I used to regret certain things in my life but when I met different people in various Art of Living courses and heard their life stories, I realized that my life is way better than many of them. On the surface, a person may seem to be living an ideal life but you can never know how many scars he’s hiding beneath the surface.

If you have heard the story of Buddha and the fisherman, you will know how importance acceptance is to advance on the spiritual path. You can pray and meditate for a hundred years but if you cannot accept others then it’s all in vain. And how you can accept others if you can’t accept yourself? As Allie Jensen has said so beautifully, “I am proud of my flaws and mistakes. They are the building blocks of my strengths and beauty.”

It doesn’t matter if others don’t find me beautiful or pretty. I’m perfect in God’s eyes and that’s all that matters.

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