3 Life Lessons That Adversity Taught Me

Ups and downs are a part of living. Though we are unhappy and miserable during the times of adversity but adverse times are our best teachers. Some lessons are best learnt during the times of adversity.

Life hasn’t been exactly smooth for me. Like everyone else, my life too has been a roller coaster ride. I also had my shares of bumps and thrills. Though during the challenging times, life seemed so tough but looking back I realize that I learnt a lot during those times.

I have been through an unhappy marriage which ended in a divorce. Last few years had been quite stressful for me at work. After working for ten years in an organization, I was forced to quit because of an unreasonable boss. Life hasn’t been exactly fair but at the same time, these are the times when I realized my true potential and some valuable life lessons.

Here are a few life lessons that adversity taught me:

  • Adversity teaches you who your true friends are. I had always treated my team as my family members but when trouble cropped up at work, my team was the first to back stab me. That was the time I realized that all this time they were being nice so that they could get good rankings from me in their performance reports.
  • Adversity teaches you the value of patience. I could have easily walked out of my unhappy marriage but I tried to make it work for the sake of my son. I could have walked out of my job long back but I tried to cope up with all the mental torture so that I don’t make a decision that I would regret later. And most importantly, I waited patiently for the challenging times to end.
  • Adversity teaches you the importance of faith in God. Tough times shake you to the core and these are the times when you turn to God. It’s also the time which makes you question God’s plans. Adversity made my belief in God all the more stronger and it’s faith in God only which can make you face anything with a smile.

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  1. Great post. I agree to your three points.
    Adversity teaches all those things
    I reacted slightly differently. I am not very patient most times, hence for me
    Adversity taught me how strong I am
    Adversity taught me how to become self-reliant
    Adversity taught me how to appreciate good times.
    This is solely my POV based on my experience

    1. Adversity indeed brings out our hidden potential. As Rumi says,”If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

  2. Adversity is the best teacher, provided we take it positively. How one can take adversity positively that entirely depends upon how one has understood the meaning and purpose of life else undemanded situations can force someone in to perpetual negativity!
    Thanks for sharing it. My best wishes.

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