Am I ready for love?

Love can be so confusing at times. It can be even more baffling if you have nursed a broken heart before. Then you fear putting your feelings at stake again. You fear rejection in love and you fear the piercing pain that heart break can cause. You don’t want to go through all that pain all over again. But no matter how many barriers you create, heart is so stubborn that it will do what it wants keeping all logic aside. And you can’t let yourself be prejudiced due to one bitter experience. You might be denying yourself pure love and joy just because of your imaginary fears. So keep your fears aside, just go with the flow and explore what life has to offer.

Infatuation, adulation or love

What is it that I feel for you?

Confusion reigns supreme

As I try to figure this out.

Two different worlds

Just like two banks of a river

We can walk parallel to each other

But meeting of hearts seems improbable.

Mind says ‘No’ but heart refuses to listen

Like a stubborn child crying for candy

This defiant heart wants the object of its affection

Subjecting itself to pain and hurt again.

Hiding my vulnerability beneath a façade of strength

I pretend to be oblivious of the feelings

Scared of rejection, I create barriers

Blocking out any possibility of heartache.

You seem to enjoy the attention and the confusion

Or are you battling your own inner monsters?

Are we nursing the same wounds that have scarred us

And made us afraid to accept love again?

A fairy tale in making or another heartbreak

Only time will unravel what lies ahead.

And so resigning to fate, going with the flow

Being open to love and joy, I embrace the present.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. rejection in the past doesn’t mean not getting acceptance in the present or future, Hope is the rope that love clings on to, till it finds it mark..

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