Beauty of Being Broken

Years I wasted
Being sad and broken
Pondering over what went wrong
Riddling with guilt and regret
Cursing fate and the ruthless God above
Going through days in gloomy dreariness.
Looking back, I laugh…
How naïve I had been!
For I failed to recognize
The unseen blessings
The beauty in the brokenness
The strength of the scars.
Grieve not, my dear
And thank the benevolent God above
The tests may seem harsh now
And the path rocky and unclear
Yet the lessons learnt are priceless gems
To be treasured till the end.
Accept and embrace
Wipe the tears and smile
Through the test of faith and resilience
And be in gratitude for His amazing grace
For the grief is an opportunity bestowed
To pray, serve and shine.

©2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. OMG i relate so much with this! There were so many times that I’ve been devastated in the past, but looking back now, I see that it made way for greater things. And the things that had made me so sad before would have not featured in my life today, anyway!

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