Beyond life and death

We go through endless cycles of birth and death and come on this Earth again and again. There is only one way to escape this cycle of life and death and that is surrendering to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna. With unalloyed devotion to Krsna, we can be freed from Karma and secure a place for ourselves in Goloka, Lord Krsna’s eternal abode from where nobody comes back to get entangled again in the repeated cycles of birth and death.

Life is a balance of your karmas

You harvest what you sow

And the balance is carried forward

To the next birth and beyond that.

A repeated cycle of birth and death

And pauses in between of inferno and paradise.

The righteous ones enjoy the luxuries in paradise

And the sinners rot in the raging fires of inferno.

So out of fear or out of greed

We walk the double-edged sword with care

Accumulating good karmas for a reserved place in paradise

Forgetting that the cycle never ends.

Living our lives with a distorted view

For bettering next life and escaping the inferno

For this is what the saints preach

And we’re told that this is what the scriptures teach.

Do we want this endless bondage?

An eternal slavery to the karma

Who dictates our every move, every birth

With the looming fear of ending up in inferno.

Beyond the temptations of paradise and the tortures of inferno

With a promise of freedom from life and death

There is a place which beckons me with love-

“Come to me, Come to me. I’m the refuge.

This is thy home. This is what you seek.

Be with me here in eternal bliss.”

Promising salvation, Krsna calls in a voice sweet and tender

“Surrender to Me….Surrender to Me!”


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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