Book Review: Morality for Beautiful Girls

Mma Ramotswe is a remarkable fictional character that will stay with you for a long time once you have read it. After reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, I ordered a few more books from the series. I didn’t know that the series is in chronological order and I missed the second book in the series (which I have acquired now and will be reading next).

Morality for Beautiful girls is the third book in the series. Precious Ramotswe is approached by an important but obnoxious government official to investigate the alleged poisoning of his brother. The investigation takes Mma Ramotswe out of town for a few days. Meanwhile Mma Makutsi receives a celebrity visitor with a request to investigate the moral character of four beauty contestants. Mma Ramotswe’s getting more clients but is not making enough money and this forces her to shift her office to the premises of her fiancé Mr. J. L. B. Matekoni’s Speedy Motors. Her personal life also goes for a toss when she discovers that Mr. Matekoni is suffering from depression.

The book will appeal to you with its setting in Botswana and the local flavours. However if you are looking for some action and thrill, then this will not really appeal you. I enjoyed being back with the delightful characters and seeing how their lives progress. The highlight of the book is Mma Makutsi being made the acting manager of Twokleng Road Speedy Motors and rising to the occasion by efficiently managing the garage in Mr. Matekoni’s absence and setting the lazy apprentice mechanics right. Not only this, she handles her first independent case and secures a sizable fee for the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, thus easing the financial troubles a bit.

The mysteries in the book are wrapped up easily and offer little excitement but the stories we hear on the way make up for it as they present interesting snapshots of the life in Botswana. If you are looking for a light, entertaining and well written detective book with a difference (the difference being the exotic setting in Botswana, traditional Botswanan ways and the delightful characters), then you must read this one.

Title: Morality for Beautiful Girls (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #3)

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Genre: Spy Fiction

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  1. I love the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books (and television show) for the slow unfolding of the stories. They transport me to Botswana and a slower pace of life. Thank you for this reminder.

    1. I have recently discovered the series and absolutely in love with it. Slow paced life of Botswana seems so charming.

    1. Yesterday my mom also reprimanded me for the same. Will try to be regular with drawing….At least a sketch a week.

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