Book Review: Origin

Origin is the latest book from the master story teller Dan Brown. The mixed reviews I read on my facebook reading group made me a bit apprehensive but then how could I miss a book from my favorite author? So I picked up the book and I am so glad I did. Again a well-researched book with fascinating ideas which will amaze you!

The famous billionaire scientist Edmond Kirsch is about to make an announcement regarding a discovery which he claims will shake the foundations of religion. Kirsch is an atheist who believes in the power of science and technology. His discovery is related to the origin of mankind and the answers to two most important questions: Where do we come from? and Where are we going?

The announcement event is being hosted at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao under the supervision of Ambra Vidal, the elegant museum director and the fiancée of crown prince of Spain. Several hundred VIP guests from all over the world are attending the event which is being telecast live worldwide. Everyone including Robert Langdon is captivated by the ongoing presentation but the meticulously planned event comes to an abrupt halt when Kirsch is shot on stage. With Kirsch’s murder, his precious discovery teeters on the brink of being lost forever as nobody has a clue what it is.

Facing an imminent threat and with a resolve to uncover Kirsch’s discovery, Langdon and Ambra Vidal escape the museum and set off to Barcelona. They must evade a powerful enemy who seems to be getting assistance from Spain’s Royal Palace. A trail marked with modern art and enigmatic symbols ultimately brings them to Kirsch’s shocking delivery.

Throughout the book, I was curious to know what the discovery was. It had to be dramatic enough for the needed impact. The discovery is revealed towards the end and I personally loved it and the final shocking revelation about Kirsch’s murder.

The one thing that I love about Dan Brown is that he researches well and that is evident in his books. Be it history, art, architecture or scientific facts, they are explained well in detail. His books make me want to take long walks in Florence, Venice, Rome, Istanbul while exploring museums, admiring the art and architecture. And this time the author takes you to Spain in the world of modern art. Dan Brown has admitted to have made several secret visits to Spain in order to do his research.

Dan Brown draws on current events and hot topics which makes this book more relevant for today. The subjects like fake news, technological advancement, artificial intelligence and the dark corners of internet are dealt with efficiently.

The universal thoughts, fears and questions make Origin a compelling tale. It’s an intense, fast paced and intriguing book which will keep you guessing till the end. If you are looking for a thought provoking, interesting and thrilling mystery then I highly recommend this.

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    1. Yeah, this year began with two books – Origin & Harry Potter and the cursed child. Inspite of the mixed reviews, I enjoyed reading both.

  1. Hmmm… I was disappointed with Inferno so I kind of thought like I won’t read any Dan Brown books anymore. However, your review kind of changed my mind about it. Will be checking a copy soon! ?

  2. Thank you for your fantastic review. I just adore Origin. After i found your review i start searching the book and finally found it on t. The book it’s fantastic! I recommend everyone to read it. I will start reading more works by this author because i adored this book so much. Thank you again for your review. You should keep making more because you are good at. ❤

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