Book Review: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

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‘Shopaholic Takes Manhattan’ is my second book by Sophie Kinsella after I read the first one last week. And she doesn’t disappoint at all! An extremely funny and romantic novel with a heroine who has no self- control when it comes to shopping (even when she is neck deep in debt)!

One would have expected Becky to have learnt a lesson from her previous mistakes but she ends up making them all over again in the sequel too. Becky is doing great as a financial advisor on a London morning talk show. She is good and the audience loves her. She is earning good money too. Her relationship with the handsome and successful entrepreneur Luke Brandon is going great. Unfortunately, Becky still has no control over her shopping addiction. A trip to Manhattan gives her all the more reason to indulge in shopping while she is still reeling with debts. Little does she know that her spending addiction has the potential to ruin everything she has worked so hard for!

Becky is such an incredible character. She overspends when she doesn’t really have funds. She hides her extravagant purchases from her flat mate and her best friend Suze. She lies to her mother about the actual prices. She lies to her boyfriend about her spending. And she doesn’t even remember all the stuff that she buys! Sometimes you can’t help getting angry with her for being so stupid and other times you feel pity for her and wish she would seek professional help.

The book is in perfect continuation with the first in the series. Becky is aware of her shortcomings and she even tries to be a little more judicious in her spending ways. But she ends up the same mistakes all over again. I laughed hard at all the excuses she comes up with for buying stuff. I laughed at her vain efforts to refrain from buying. And I loved her supportive family and friends who are there for her unconditionally.

Becky and Luke’s relationship has progressed well in this book. They have their highs and lows. One really wishes Becky to be stop being such an idiot and be truthful to Luke but her pride always comes in the way. Their relationship hits a low patch and they break up for a while but get back together towards the end.

I just loved Sophie Kinsella’s writing. The book is so damn funny I couldn’t help laughing while reading it. There are some sad moments too but then you can’t expect life to be always perfect. I love the way Becky comes out of the mess she has created for herself. She hits the lowest and then like a phoenix, she rises again.

If you haven’t read this series yet, then please do…Highly recommended!


Title: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Original Title: Shopaholic Abroad

Series: Shopaholic #2

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

Page Count: 387

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