The Dilemma of Love

I am tired of this constant guessing game

Showering affection and sometimes excuses lame

He loves me or he loves me not

A continuous battle in my mind is being fought.

Best of friends and then strangers again

Spurning my advances, you make me feel so vain

And as I disappointingly retreat in my shell

You flash your charming smile and cast a spell.

So much is conveyed through your flirtatious gaze

And yet the sudden silence mystifies the maze

Deciphering your feelings, my mind reels in confusion

Can’t you see the agony in my situation?

Going with the flow, having no expectation

Still I’m falling prey to this fatal attraction

Reveling in joy or picking pieces of my heart

I’m willing to walk this double-edged sword.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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