Life lessons from my Grandma

I consider myself fortunate to have spent considerable time with my grandma. When I was young, I used to spend my summer vacations at my grand ma’s place. My grandma is quite old now but still very active. She is the most simple and loving person I have ever known. She is not very educated but still she understood the importance of education and ensured that her children received the best of education. Her life was full of constant struggles but she never complained. She is a highly devoted soul and has full faith in the divine. I wish I had some picture of us together which I could share here but now I realize that probably I have none. I will make sure to click one the next time I visit her.

Here are a few life lessons I learnt from my simple and loving grandma:

  • Beauty is not external. It doesn’t lie in fancy clothes or ornaments but in simplicity and the strength of your character.
  • Your biggest asset is not the material possessions that you have accumulated but your family.
  • Accept and embrace every situation as it is and make the best of it.
  • Life is too short to waste on complaints and regrets. Stop complaining, start living.
  • Happiness can be found in every single day and even in the darkest of the hours. You just have to look for it.
  • Simplicity of your soul and the compassion in your heart are your greatest virtues.
  • Surrender to the Supreme Lord with an unshakable faith that He will do what is best for you. Let go and Let God.
  • Prayer is the best antidote to worry. When nothing else works, prayer works!


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