A Second Chance

It’s difficult to believe in love when you have gone through a failed relationship once. But life offers second chances. It’s important to keep your fears aside and give love a second chance.

For years I believed in being alone

Regretting the past and for fears unknown

Blaming myself for all my faults

With a frozen heart kept in a vault.

Loneliness has been my constant companion

Living a life without love and passion

The void he left wasn’t my greatest loss

Aversion to love was my albatross.

Confronting my fears is my biggest challenge

It’s still not too late to repair the damage

Life is kind to offer a second chance

My heart skips a beat with your every glance.

Feeling loved though the words yet unspoken

Your care is mending this heart still broken

A long way to go, the future still unknown

Yet overjoyed to call your heart my own.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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