I Choose To Shine

Sometimes life keeps throwing challenges at you leaving you frustrated and hopeless. You feel as if nothing is going right. You start questioning God’s ways. You start questioning even your existence. But does this help? The only way to go forward is to let it be and embrace the present. You are the sculptor of your life. Your life depends on your attitude. If you choose to shine then who can dim your light?

A purposeless existence

Without any meaning,

Disillusionments and heartbreaks…

Aimless wanderings,

Or sometimes running after a mirage…

What is it that I want?

What is it that I seek?


All I want is some answers…

Answers for the miseries in this mortal life,

Answers for the unending thoughts that keep me awake at nights,

Answers for the deceptions and all the lies,

Answers to all the ‘whys’ in my life.

I searched and searched but all in vain,

It just left me perplexed and in pain.

How foolish I had been-

Looking for answers that were within me.

Look beyond imperfections,

Focus on the endless blessings of the Divine.

No more whining, no more crying,

Today is the ‘present’, today I choose to shine.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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