We All Try to Avoid Change

We all try to avoid change…Simply because change seems scary!

Change means getting out of your comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Change can be very exciting but it can be scary as hell too. Though it seems scary but change can lead us to new things and better days.

Resistance to change keeps us glued to old patterns and old behaviors. It keeps us from learning new and trying new things. Our mind is accustomed to the familiar. It feels comfortable amidst the familiar and that is why it resists change.

Sometimes we change on our own accord and sometimes change is forced on us. It is all the more difficult to accept change when it is forced upon us.

I am one of those who are happy living in their comfort zones. Being a Taurus ascendant, I am content in my comfort zone. Any disruption in my routine creates stress for me. Life became extremely stressful for me when I had to deal with a difficult boss at work. Stress was taking its toll on me but still I resisted change because I was accustomed to the comfort zone at work. I wasn’t willing to look for other options even though I dreaded facing another day at work. Life became better only when I realized that I needed to accept & embrace change and move on. The future was unknown but I was ready to let go and move forward.

Life is changing every moment. Nothing is constant. How can anything be permanent in this temporary world? In fact, the only thing that is constant in life is change. If only instead of avoiding change, we learn to accept and embrace change, life would be so much better.

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    1. Forced and unexpected changes are hard to accept as they suddenly push you out of your comfort zone. Whether forced or natural, we have no other option but to accept the change.

    1. Change is inevitable as well as necessary for growth. We may not realize it at the time but change is always for the better.

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