His answer to my prayers

Sorrows and miseries and endless scars

Is this the fault in my stars?

The more I questioned, the more I lost hope.

With the doubts and fears, I couldn’t cope.

‘Why me?’ was what eclipsed my mind.

Is there no respite? Will God be never kind?

These endless thoughts were tearing me apart.

Bitterness and ill-feelings now reigned my heart.

Lost and lonely, I sought Divine Grace.

Be my saviour, show me the way.

Like a sincere seeker, I prayed with devotion-

Rescue me from this endless pit of depression.

There in His abode, I heard words of the Master

Thinking only about ‘me’ is sureshot recipe for disaster.

Pray and meditate, serve with smile.

Be in gratitude, make ‘giving’ your lifestyle.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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