I continue to yearn

When one is in love, he/she is always thinking of his/her beloved. Everything else ceases to exist. Love is a source of bliss and also of frustration. You yearn to hear the three magical words all the time

I think of you and all the things about you that I miss

No other thoughts except the dreams of future bliss

Trapped in the intricate cobwebs of longing and silence

I am so frustrated by the presence of your absence.

No lingering memories but a few silent conversations

And those stolen glances in sublime anticipation

Of the glorious moment when you hold me and profess

The undying love which I am also ready to confess.

And till then I spend my days in helpless longing

With melancholic thoughts that often come calling

Hoping for your love, this heart continues to burn

For a tiny drop in the vast desert, I ache and yearn.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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