101 Journal Prompts

There are innumerable benefits of keeping a journal and everyone should consider keeping one. Writing in a journal has a cathartic effect and is helpful in maintaining peace of mind. It also harnesses your creativity and improves your writing skills. It helps in clarifying and focusing on your goals, recording your ideas and sometimes, it simply helps in venting out your frustrations.

I have been keeping a journal for almost four years now. I record my daily gratitude in my journal and also reflect on my day- the lessons and the learnings.

However, at times I am at a loss of topics to write about. While searching for journal prompts online, I came across this brilliant idea on Pinterest- Keeping a Journal Prompt Jar!

  • Get a beautiful jar.
  • Print out or write down the journal prompts on slips of paper. (You can use the journal prompts listed here.)
  • Place the slips of paper in the jar.
  • Take out one of the prompts each day.
  • Write anything that comes to mind as you read the prompt and elaborate your thoughts in the journal.

Here are 101 prompts for your journal jar:

  1. Ten things you are thankful for today.
  2. Write one of your pet peeves and why is it that it annoys you so much.
  3. What is the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?
  4. What does your family mean to you?
  5. Which fictional character you most relate to and why?
  6. Write about your worst nightmare.
  7. Write about a habit you wish to inculcate and your action plan.
  8. How do you react to criticism?
  9. How do you find peace in your day?
  10. My fondest childhood memory.
  11. The clutter in my life.
  12. What is stressing me and what can I do about it?
  13. Life lessons that adversity taught me.
  14. How important is religion to you?
  15. Everything happens for a reason.
  16. The best advice I ever got.
  17. Write a ‘Thank you note’ to God.
  18. Which book you would want to be adapted as a movie and why?
  19. Do you have a Life Calling?
  20. Write your bucket list.
  21. Would you rather work from home or in office?
  22. Can money buy you happiness?
  23. The most meaningful relationship in your life.
  24. Where in the world would you go for vacation if you could?
  25. A crazy adventure you would like to take.
  26. Are you an impulsive shopper?
  27. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
  28. Interpret one of your recent dreams.
  29. Your strengths and weaknesses.
  30. Your expectations from life.
  31. Write about your current state of mind.
  32. The most over-rated super hero.
  33. Lessons from your grand ma,
  34. Write your life mission statement.
  35. What does minimalism mean to you?
  36. The book that influenced you the most.
  37. Given an option, which historical character you would like to meet and why?
  38. Write a letter to someone you find it hard to forgive.
  39. Write down the recent happy moments in your life.
  40. How full is your glass?
  41. Will you quit your job if it threatens your values?
  42. Narrate a ‘miracle’ that happened in your life.
  43. How can you improve your relationships?
  44. Life is a roller coaster ride.
  45. Fear can only hurt us if we let it.
  46. A powerful mantra that helps you deal with anxiety.
  47. Which limiting belief is holding you back?
  48. Happiness is a choice.
  49. Did I do something today that I can be proud of?
  50. Something that you regret till date.
  51. Your favorite quote that you return to again and again. Why does it move you?
  52. Write about a teacher who had a real impact on your life.
  53. How do you respond to crisis situations? Are you happy with the way you react?
  54. A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect home. What’s it like?
  55. Write an ode to someone or something you love.
  56. What was your favorite fairy tale as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?
  57. Write about the last time you were really jealous of someone.
  58. Write a review of your life.
  59. Write an incident that you cherish.
  60. Your life without a smartphone: what does it look like?
  61. Write an anonymous letter to someone you admire.
  62. What does success mean to you?
  63. If you could volunteer full-time for a cause, what would it be?
  64. Write about something you think is terribly unfair in the country — and explain how you would rectify it.
  65. Write about your phobias.
  66. An encounter with a stranger which left an impact on you.
  67. Narrate a random act of kindness you did. How did you feel afterwards?
  68. Your idea of a perfect day.
  69. Are you a people- pleaser?
  70. What makes you unique?
  71. A review of the movie you saw last and any lessons learnt.
  72. A skill that you want to learn and why?
  73. The purpose of life is a life with purpose.
  74. Write about an incident which restored your faith in God.
  75. Do you make decisions based on others’ opinions?
  76. Your ideal morning routine.
  77. Five ideas to create an amazing week.
  78. What I do when I fail?
  79. Ten rules that keep my life simple.
  80. The other person is never the problem.
  81. The five things I wish I could say no to.
  82. How I deal with negative people?
  83. How to be a positive person?
  84. The song that lifts your spirits and why?
  85. What is most important attribute to you in a friend–loyalty, generosity, honesty–why?
  86. What is your comfort zone? Are you comfortable stepping out of it?
  87. Describe a time when you felt bitter.
  88. Which word best describes your life–exciting, organized, dull–and why?
  89. Which is most important to you–money, power, fame–and why?
  90. Describe your perfect date.
  91. If you want to be happy, just be.
  92. How would you change the world to make it better?
  93. A trait you would like to change in yourself.
  94. Do you like to exercise? Why/ why not?
  95. Savour life’ little pleasures.
  96. The best advice ever given to you.
  97. Ten things you learnt from nature.
  98. Can honest people survive in today’s world?
  99. Gratitude is the best attitude.
  100. If you star in a movie, which movie you want it to be and why?
  101. Live in the moment.

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