Book Review: Getting Granny’s Glasses

There are many books which I missed out reading as a child. I have decided to read a few gems from children’s literature every now and then to make up for it. I read ‘Getting Granny’s Glasses’ last year but couldn’t post a review. So here it goes:

Getting Granny’s Glasses is a simple and beautiful story of a loving relationship between a young boy and his grandmother. The story also highlights the hardships faced by the people living in the hilly regions. The book is beautifully illustrated.

Mani, an eleven year boy lost his mother when he was just one. Since then, he and his father had been looked after by his maternal grandmother. Granny is seventy years old now but still looks after the home inspite of her poor eyesight. She has been wearing the same pair of glasses since the last ten years. Her poor eyesight can be attributed to the glasses which are badly scratched and need to be replaced.

But Granny stubbornly refuses to change the glasses for that means going to an ophthalmologist in Mussoorie, the nearest town which is still a two days journey. The first ten miles of the journey has to be undertaken on foot and the next twelve miles by bus. Granny finally agrees to go when Mani’s father insists.

Granny and Mani leave for Mussoorie with a hundred and fifty rupees in hand and a lot of adventures in store. They encounter a landslide on the way which meant that the bus could not go any further. They are left with the option of returning home without glasses or walk another ten miles to reach the town. They decide to walk the extra miles. Granny gets her new glasses. Mani gets a pair of shoes and a pullover is bought as a gift for Mani’s father. The return journey holds a new charm for Granny as she can now clearly see the beautiful world around her.

Ruskin Bond has weaved such a simplistically beautiful story for his young readers which brings forth the magical charm of the hills as well the indomitable spirit of the rustic people. It makes us think of all the things that we take for granted but are so difficult to come by for those living in remote, hilly villages.

I finished the book in around fifteen minutes but it left me feeling so happy and satisfied. Ruskin Bond has his own distinct style of writing which shows that all stories don’t need to be fast-paced with archetypal heroes and villains. There is charm in simplicity. Sometimes all you ache for is a simple life in a place where you can be in the lap of nature. And Ruskin Bond offers you this magical world of beauty and humanity where you would love to stay for a while. This is a delightful, quick read for children and adults alike.

Title: Getting Granny’s Glasses

Author: Ruskin Bond

Page Count: 150

Publisher: Puffin

Genre: realistic fiction, children’s literature

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  1. The way you’ve represented in minuscle way the picturesqueness of Ruskin Bond’s stories are truly commendable.I cannot help but buy a Ruskin Bond book to again feel the beauty of those hills and even more splendid spirit of the people of those hills.

    1. Ruskin Bond is magical. I read many of his stories during school as a part of syllabus but never a whole book of his. Now I am trying to amend the mistake 🙂

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