A Blank Slate

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A new year brings a blank slate

To reach for that innocent, blissful state

And a list of fresh New Year resolutions

Searching for a new purpose, a new direction.

So with lofty aims I enthusiastically begin

Determined to be guarded from the snares of sin

Oh! How weary I am of my weight

Losing a few pounds will be so great!

Then there are classics waiting to be read

While lazing around with blossoms overhead

Some enchanting paths I’d like to travel

Some mysteries on the way I’ll unravel.

Learning new skills and getting more creative

Courageously innovative, generously appreciative

Striving for some hard-earned prosperity

To indulge more in selfless acts of charity.

Exercising some new routines to reinvent

And transform my days will be my intent.

From earthly things to the glories of the divine

Walking into the temple and sitting by the shrine

Seeking Thy grace, blessings and virtues so fine

In gratitude for another year to smile and shine.

©2019 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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