A frail figure in white

This poem is a dedication to someone whom I met at the temple and who has been an inspiration all along even when I didn’t know him. When I started going to the temple about three years back, I used to see him every day. Sometimes he would be sitting in a corner chanting on his japa beads, sometimes busy in various temple duties and sometimes singing the Lord’s holy names in the kirtan. We became acquainted a few months later and gradually became friends. He has helped me a lot in helping understand the philosophy of Krishna consciousness and I turn to him whenever in doubt.

P.S. – The sketch is not of the person described in the poem.

A frail figure in white

Sitting in a secluded corner

At the feet of His master

Away from the prying eyes.

Silently chanting on his japa beads

Busy in soul to soul conversation with the divine

Or lost in the ecstasy of the Holy name

Blissfully unaware of everything around him.

A frail figure in white

Singing melodiously to the beats of mridanga

Euphorically glorifying the Lord with his songs

Sometimes overwhelmed , sometimes dancing in jubilation.

Reflecting love from the core of his being

The light of peace and contentment shining forth

Mirroring Lord’s mercy and grace

An epitome of devotion and dedication.

A frail figure in white

I used to see every day for months

Mesmerizing me with his humility and wisdom

Inspiring me with his peaceful aura and zeal for service.

A teacher long before I even knew him

Preaching not with his words but his conduct

His light radiates forth illuminating many paths

And quietly he goes on…this frail figure in white!

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



    1. Thanks! He is an amazing person and is always motivating me to read, hear and chant more. I am blessed to have him as a friend and mentor.

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