Let go…

Love doesn’t always have a happy ending. Love makes life worth living but betrayal in love can push you in a fathomless pit of misery and depression. And that’s why it is important to let go. If your relationship has ended for whatever reason then stop sulking and regretting. Believe in God’s plan for you and let go. It’s easier said than done but life is too short to be wasted in tears and regrets. Let go and move on.

Countless nights

I’ve been up crying for hours.

Countless days

I’ve been wondering why our love turned sour.

A happy ever after was all I wanted.

It wasn’t meant to be and I was broken-hearted.

Countless nights

I tossed and turned, languishing and pining.

Countless days

I blamed myself for all that was happening.

I screamed and cried till my tears dried.

I wanted to let go, I swear I tried.

The more I resisted, the more he persisted.

He had left but in my dreams, he still existed.

Love was supposed to make me shine

And yet all I see is this pale shadow of mine.

Love gives you freedom, it sets you free.

I was living in an illusion, it was just not me.

I asked myself if this was love or obsession.

Why can’t I let him go, why I want his possession?

Let him go and make room for the new.

This is not the end, stop being so blue.

Love will find me again, of this I am sure

Letting go is my only cure.

Explore the possibilities, risk the failure

For the past hurts and regrets, seek a closure.

My soulmate is out there if only I could see.

Don’t run behind a mirage, someone is there for me.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




    1. Yes, getting stuck with people and situations will only lead to misery. Letting go and moving on is the only way.

  1. Let go! Just two words, but following it can help us move on in any relationship or situation! Such a wonderful composition Shaloo. I love the small sketches that generally accompany your posts! Each one so perfect ?

      1. Writing is cathartic. Pain is emoted well in writing because it comes straight from the heart and probably that’s why it strikes a chord with the readers as well.

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