Life is what you make it

Life is a collection of experiences. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Every experience teaches us something and contributes to our growth in some way.

We cherish the pleasant experiences but the bitter ones leave us embittered. We get stuck and find it hard to move on. Letting go seems the hardest thing to do. We curse God/ destiny forgetting that life is truly what one makes it. It’s up to us to learn and move on or playing the victim.

I remember how I was shattered after my bitter divorce and couldn’t help blaming God for whatever happened. I kept asking, “Why me?” However, I didn’t give up and started picking up the pieces of my life together. I moved to another city, picked up a new job in an entirely different field and slowly started building a new life. I started upgrading my skills and also continued with higher studies along with job. With hard work and dedication, I started climbing the ladders of success in my professional life. But still something was missing!

Letting go of the past was not so easy. I was doing well on the surface but something had died within me. I had forgotten to smile and that was when I did Art of Living course. I learnt to live in the present moment. I learnt the happiness is right here, right now. My spiritual master H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar ji brought smile and laughter back in my life. He transformed my life just as he has transformed millions of lives.

Looking back, I realize that it’s easier to take responsibility of your life than playing victim. Nobody else is incharge of my happiness but me. I can choose to be happy or miserable. It’s my life and I can make it or break it!

Life is all about the power of faith and how determination and an indomitable spirit can overcome even what destiny throws at us.

Life is a series of ups and downs but in the end, life shapes up just the way we make it. Be positive, be responsible, be happy and this is how life is going to be for you – an endless celebration!

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  1. A wonderful post Shaloo…it is only when we learn to let go the past, stop shifting the blames and accept life as it comes to us do we find happiness, which lies within us. Self-help is the only help that is effective. You must read my book – Allow Yourself To Be Better Person to understand life better. ?

    1. Thank you! You are right in saying that self help is the most effective. It’s internal motivation that works the best. I will check out your book for sure.

  2. Accepting situations as it is without any expectation, regret & blame. Moving on eith strong mind this is the only key to happiness . Thank you for all inspiring articles. So many things to learn from you shalooji.

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