Life is but a stream

Life is but a gushing stream
Of daily sorrow and delight
With unseen fear and glittering dream
A heavenly day and a solemn night.

The haunted memories of the past
And some relations, too romantic to last
Bitter rivalries and some sweet friends
Smooth roads with the sudden bends.

Unexpected storms in the seas of life
Sometimes peace and sometimes strife
Unannounced showers of torrential rain
And then the sullen days clear again.

The wintry winds, the tumultuous snow
Summertime cheers and the rainy woes
Mixed feelings and some wasted emotions
Seeking true love and devotion.

Life is but a rushing stream
With misty lights and shadowy gleam
A drop waltzing forward in motion
Reaching out to merge with the ocean.

© 2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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