Book Review: Mrs. Funnybones

Twinkle Khanna made her debut as an author with Mrs. Funnybones. After reading The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, I wanted to read this one as well and so I downloaded it on my kindle. I read it within a day- thanks to the interesting anecdotes speckled with a great sense of humor and witty incidents from a celebrity wife. The book is more of a journal entry but Twinkle Khanna’s unique style makes it an interesting read.

Not being content with just being a celebrity wife, Twinkle Khanna has been juggling different roles- that of a business woman, an interior decorator, a columnist, a doting mother, a loving daughter and an ideal daughter-in-law. This former actress really surprises and delights us in with her crackling narration. The book is funny, endearing and well-written with some hilarious incidents as well some incidents which really make us think. One of the reasons that the book garners interest is that it provides us a peek inside celebrity lives. Twinkle Khanna afterall was born to superstar parents Rajesh Khanna & Dimple Kapadia and married to a superstar Akshay Khanna whom she refers to as ‘The man of the house’ in the book.

Like I said earlier, the book is like a series of journal entries or blog posts which present her views on marriage, children and life in general. There are some really funny incidents which will make you laugh while some narrate the inferences she has drawn from her own experiences in life. The book will keep you reasonably engaged and is a light and breezy read.

Mrs. Funnybones might be a slightly over-rated book but if you want to read something refreshing without feeling exhausted then you should pick this up. Sarcasm, quirky wit and the ability to laugh at herself makes Twinkle Khanna win us over with her debut book.

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