Narada becomes Hari

This poem is based on an ancient story. The great sage Narada was filled with pride and to teach him a lesson in humility, Lord Vishnu played a trick on him and brought him out of pride and self-conceit.

Narada was lost for days in intense meditation

Kamadeva sent beautiful girls beyond imagination

To allure Narada and lead him to temptation

But all failed and Kamadeva gave up in desperation.

Going to Shiva and bragging about his unbelievable feat

“I have defeated Kamadeva. I am beyond lust.”

Shiva smiled and gave Narada a valuable advice

“Before telling Vishnu, you better think twice.”

Ignoring Lord Shiva’ s priceless words of wisdom

Narada went proudly to Lord Vishnu’s kingdom

“Defeating Kama, I am free from lust and desire.

I have extinguished this eternal burning fire.”

Smiling Vishnu praised and told him to be on guard

But self-conceit and pride had hit Narada so hard.

Soon after he was approached by a mighty king

Sheelanidhi with his daughter charming as the Spring.

Captivated and blinded by her beauty divine

Narada knew only Lord Vishnu could make her mine

And thus he went to Vishnu with an humble request

“Make me look like Hari, so among princes I look the best!”

Vishnu fulfilled the desire of his ardent devotee

And Narada reached the Swayamwara to see

All the mighty and handsome princes in the line

Adorned in the best clothes and jewellery fine.

Soon the princess came with a garland in hand

And she passed by the princes of the far-off lands

Seeing Narada in the line, she burst into laughter

And it was then Narada came to know of the disaster.

Narada had asked to be Hari, Vishnu’s divine appearance

Hari also meant Monkey, he forgot in his false pretence.

And so with a monkey face was Narada bestowed

To free him from the ego and undue pride that showed.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. very beautifully explained in easy metaphor. Congrats

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  2. Hi,
    Indian mythology has always fascinated me, and I love the way you present them in such poetic way. I get to learn more about such stories which always have some deep meaning within, and with the simple but alluring writing style such as yours it becomes even more interesting.
    Keep writing ?

    1. Thanks! I am glad that you like them. Indian mythology is indeed replete with interesting stories with great lessons.

    1. Never mind. You can always catch up later. I really appreciate that you not only take out time for reading my posts but also leave insightful comments.

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