My New Year Resolutions

New Year is a time when generally one makes resolutions for the coming year. The most popular resolutions include quitting smoking, losing weight, eating healthy, starting exercising etc. However most people are very enthusiastic about new year resolutions for initial days but gradually their enthusiasm begins to fade. More or less, the resolutions are broken within weeks. This poem is my attempt to describe my failure at new year resolutions and why I don’t make any new year resolutions anymore.

Time to scribble my new year resolutions

For the problems, there ought to be solutions.

Topping the list for years is to lose weight

Oh my! For dessert today, we have plum cake!

Sticking to a diet alone just will not do

Exercising daily is my resolution number two.

Roused early morning by a shrill alarm

Such cold and fog might do me great harm!

Resolutions? Me? Do I need to change?

A few extra pounds on me don’t look that strange!

So moving on to resolutions grand and lofty

Thinking hard, I scratch my head softly.

Knowledge, success, money and being awesome,

Elegant and graceful like tiny white blossoms.

Too much on the platter, I really care a damn

As far as I am concerned, I’m perfect the way I am!


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




    1. This was my attempt at humor. Of course, diet and exercise are important but they should be made a part of lifestyle. And of course, we all are perfect creations of the Almighty ?

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