Surrender to my Lord

This poem was written during the phase when I was gripped with victim consciousness. I was fortunate enough that I surrendered to Lord Krishna when I needed Him the most. Helpless and miserable, I went to the local ISKCON temple one day and that visit changed my life. I was spellbound by the beautiful deities of Sri Sri Radha Madhav in the temple. I started going there regularly. Spending time in the serene and blissful temple premises and chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra brought a profound transformation in me. I was no longer crying and complaining but considered myself fortunate to be in the shelter of Krishna. Chanting His holy names brought me the much needed inner peace. Hard times are inevitable but surrender to the Lord will take us through everything.

A seduction of distraction, waiting for inspiration

Excuses galore, negativity in perception

Every event in life seems so tragic

Resisting to this beautiful life’s magic.

And now experiencing a state of grace

All the events like gifts I embrace

No more resignation but a confident acceptance

From regrets and repentance to divine transcendence.

This is the miracle of surrender to my sweet lord

Lost in your thoughts, living this life by your accord.

Every action with devotion, no worries about consequences

Forget victim consciousness, be blessed with Krishna consciousness.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. You are right. Most of us remember Him only during bad times. Krishna is our ultimate saviour and we should pray for His unalloyed devotion.

  2. Most of us remember god during bad times… don’t you think fear is the major reason for many or sometimes to us to pray?
    Secondly on Tuesday there are lots of people who don’t eat meat or chicken or egg this is because of fear of God not devotion?. I guess

    I think devotion and praying is good for soul.
    We all must do pray.
    Thanku you ?

    1. Just like a child runs to his parents when afraid or in need, similarly we turn to the Supreme Lord during bad times. It’s quite natural.

  3. This poetry is so heart touching.You have described immaculately this process of surrendering ourselves to God.I can completely relate how miraculously the days pass by when we spend them in the remembrance of the Almighty.Initially there is actually a ”seduction of distraction” and then frustratingly when we try reaching God and start deriving energy from the Supreme,comes the realization that there is extreme bliss in complete surrender.Thence there is graceful acceptance.

    1. Thanks. There are indeed many temptations on the path. Only by faith and devotion, we are able to surrender to Krishna where lies the true bliss.

    1. Thank you! I am really grateful to have rediscovered Krishna during one of the lowest phases of my life and so even that low phase turned into a blessing.

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