A Mother’s Dilemma (Micro Fiction)

Twelve years old raped while she was returning from Republic Day celebrations at school. Being out at night was never safe but now in broad daylight too! Another headline read than ten years old rape victim delivers a girl child. The girl was repeatedly raped over a period of few months in her own house by her uncle. Not safe even in her own home! Beads of perspiration ran down her forehead. She uneasily ran her hand over her bulged belly. What if she delivers a baby girl? Will she ever have a moment of peace if she brings a girl in such a demonic society? Even the thought of having a baby girl seemed so scary.

©2020 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. During this time of staying home because of COVID19, children who live with abusive relatives have haunted me. They have no escape now (where before they could go outside to play or go to school or to a friend’s house).

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