To the body shamers (Micro Fiction)

She is fat…always have been.

She withdrew in her shell being fed up of the constant remarks and taunts on her weight. Determined to get back at them one day, she focused on polishing her talents. Now when someone calls her fat behind her back, she turns back with confidence and says, “Yes, I’m FAT…Fabulous and Talented!”

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Name calling is childish. I have family/neighbors like this. People who do this have a deep-seated inferiority complex. In fact, they are calling themselves that name. They are in denial. Something to ponder. Blessings and enjoy your day.

  2. You think people would be above name calling. Sad that humanity has not embraced Spirituality not to be confused with religion in their lives to fill themselves where there would be no room for name calling

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