Book Review: The Devil Wears Prada

I picked up ‘The Devil wears Prada’ for two reasons. First, I wanted to read something light and different. Secondly, I want to see the movie adaptation but before that I must read the book. Watching Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep would be so much more fun now that I have read the book.

Andrea Sachs is just out of college and looking for a job. She is totally clueless about fashion but ends up getting a job as the junior assistant of Miranda Priestly, the head of Runaway magazine and the most powerful woman in the fashion industry. Miranda is perhaps also the most exigent and despicable person on Earth who keeps on throwing unreasonable challenges at her assistants and leaves no opportunity to humiliate them. Andrea absolutely hates the job as well as Miranda but only puts up with her because working as Miranda’s assistant for a year will open many doors. But to her horror, she finds that gradually she is turning into a clacker herself and her personal life is tearing apart in front of her eyes.

The book is entertaining in parts but tends to get repetitive.  Andrea lands a job that a million girls would die for but still keeps on whining all the time. I agree that she has a horrible boss but she always has the choice to quit.  The constant whining throughout the book eventually gets to the nerves.

Then there’s the love triangle…a saintly boyfriend Alex who is so supportive and puts up with Andrea’s obsession with her job. On the other hand, there’s Christian, a charming, rich writer who seems to be smitten with Andrea. I didn’t see the reason why Christian was introduced in the book because except for a few flirting scenes here and there, he doesn’t have any role in the story.

I really liked the storyline in general, and it had some funny moments.  But on the whole, there’s not much happening in the book. Most of the book is taken up with references to the giant fashion labels and seems like an endless advertisement for the brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada etc.

Anyone who has ever worked a lousy job or had a demanding boss will probably be able to relate to it. Or if someone is too interested in fashion industry then they should go for it. The rest can probably give it a miss!

Title: The Devil wears Prada

Originally published: 15 April 2003

Author: Lauren Weisberger

Page count: 360

Genre: Chick Lit

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    1. This is what I hear…this is one of those rare books where movie adaptation is better than the book. Now looking forward to the movie!

  1. I saw part of the movie. There also used to be a TV SHOW called Ugly Betty which I suppose was loosely based on the book.

    The book is supposed to be a satirical look at Anna Wintour and Vogue magazine. Because I worked for a prominent prestigious museum for ten years I had the opportunity to see and observe Ms. Wintour. Meryl Streep has captured her perfectly. Ms. Streep depiction is spot on.

    I’ve had the opportunity to see many of the rich and famous thanks to where I used to work.

    Trust me when I say that many of the people you see on TV and in the movies are often rude, nasty and entitled. They have attitude.

    1. Yeah, I can believe that. Even some bosses are like that. I have certainly endured one. Too much whining killed the book ?

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