Book Review : Who Moved My Cheese?

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is written by Spencer Johnson, the bestselling author of ‘The Present’ and ‘One Minute Manager’.  This is a motivational book which tells an important lesson in the form of an amusing story.

It is a small book which can easily be read in an hour but the life lesson it teaches is enormous. The book is about two mice named Sniff & Scurry and a team of two miniature executives named Hem & haw who run through a maze in search of cheese. All is well until the position of cheese in the maze is changed. This change brings a chaos along with it.

The key lesson of the book can be summarized in these two sentences: Change is inevitable. Learn to adapt. This is the law of nature. The species which were unable to adapt to changes in the environment perished. The same holds true in our life too. To be successful and happy, you must take change in its stride and learn to adapt according to the change. Don’t let change scare or intimidate you but take it as an opportunity to grow further in life.

Who moved the cheese is an irrelevant question but the important thing is that the cheese has been moved and what are the options now. We often over-analyze things and waste time in ‘Why this happened’. But the key lesson here is that the change has happened, so go with the flow and plan accordingly.

This book is especially appealing to the people working in the cut-throat corporate world where nothing is static. Unless you learn to deal with pressure, deadlines and last-minute changes, you cannot survive in the corporate sector. This book helps in understanding the key concept of change and helps you see change as a positive thing.

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