Book Review: For One More Day

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I picked this book from a bookstore at Jaipur airport recently. My flight was delayed and I was looking for a quick, engaging read. I am so glad that I picked this one. What a beautiful book!

The book tells the story of a troubled man, Charley Benetto. His life is in ruins and he himself is to be blamed for it. When he received a letter from his only daughter informing him about her wedding, he realizes that he has lost everything he cared for. He sinks into depression and decides to give up his life. He takes a midnight ride to his hometown and after two failed suicide attempts, he went to his childhood home. To his amazement, he encounters his dead mother and everything seemed normal as ever.

Spending that one day with her mother makes him realize the sacrifices his mother had made for him throughout her life. He recalls various instances from his life and regrets not standing up for her mother when required. He remembers with regret how he had preferred a baseball game over spending time with her mother on her birthday. Yet her mother always loved him selflessly and had a special place in his heart. The day unravels some shocking truths and he gets a second chance to tell his mother how much he loved her.

The author beautifully explores the relationship between a child and a mother. The book also brings out the trauma of a broken family and how it affects everyone, particularly the children. It makes one realize how we take our parents for granted. Often we unwittingly or sometimes deliberately overlook their selfless love. The writing style is engaging and will keep you glued to the book till the end.

The book will make you reflect on your relationship with your parents. This emotional story will make you cry and choke with emotion. It teaches you not to take anyone for granted. Life is so uncertain that we may never get another chance to make amends. A gentle and thought provoking read…highly recommended!

Title: For One More Day

Author: Mitch Albom

Originally published: 2006

Genre: Psychological Fiction

Page count: 208

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  1. The world feels so small as I read this — Mitch Albom lives in the same city as I do and was a sports reporter for the local newspaper–and now an author and philanthropist. I love that you picked up his book in an airport on the other side of the world and that it spoke to you so deeply. We are all connected.

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