365 Days Of Kindness

Have you heard of the Law of Karma? Karma is the great law of “cause and effect”, of “action and reaction”, which controls the destiny of all living entities. Think of karma as a piggy bank. Every time you do something nice for someone else, you fill up your karma bank. Every once in a while, something good will happen to you. Think of this as the universe making a withdrawal. Go out of your way to fill it back up again.

A few years back, I joined 29 days giving community and started doing little random acts of kindness on a daily basis. And I got a lot more in return than I had given. Happiness, contentment, abundance, new friends…

Was the giving journey easy? Yes, it was! Everyday presented a lot of opportunities for giving and being kind. With a little awareness, giving and kindness became a habit. I have continued the habit ever since.

Was it challenging? Yes, it was challenging too! There were times when I was at a loss of ideas. This happened a lot of times during the initial days of my journey. I used to surf and read a lot to look for kindness ideas.

So I thought of compiling a list of 365 random acts of kindness- one for each day of the year to make it a little easier for the ones starting on the path. A big thank you to 29gifts.org , helpothers.org , randomactsofkindness.org for many of these ideas!

  1. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and really mean it!
  2. Pay for stranger’s coffee in the café.
  3. Buy the office receptionist flowers just to say ‘thank you.’
  4. Help an elderly lady with her groceries.
  5. Leave a stuffed toy at a day care center.
  6. Take a minute to direct someone who asks you for directions, even though you’re in a hurry.
  7. Each time you get a new piece of clothing, give away something old.
  8. Offer your seat to an elderly/disabled person on a crowded bus or train.
  9. Call or write to a teacher who brought a positive change in your life.
  10. Bring a box of chocolates to share at the office.
  11. Listen attentively to someone who needs to vent it out.
  12. Encourage someone who seems in despair.
  13. Help a friend pack for a move.
  14. Offer change when the person in front of you comes up short.
  15. Share your favorite recipe online or with a friend.
  16. Leave a generous tip for the waiter.
  17. Pass along a great book you’ve finished reading.
  18. Create five cards with positive messages and leave them in a coffee shop for someone to discover.
  19. Make an extra serving of dinner and give it to a homeless person.
  20. Write a note of appreciation to your colleague.
  21. Surprise your kid with something he/she has been wanting for a while.
  22. Tutor a child who can’t afford the fees.
  23. Gift someone a gratitude journal where they can write their reflections of thankfulness.
  24. Plant a tree in your neighborhood.
  25. Leave a stuffed toy for a child in the hospital.
  26. Participate in park or neighborhood cleanups.
  27. Send a ‘thank you’ card to someone who’d helped you when you really needed it.
  28. Send cards with beautiful messages to your friends/coworkers anonymously.
  29. Spend time with your grandparents or call them just to say hello.
  30. Visit an old age home and listen to stories of a senior citizen who doesn’t get any visitors.
  31. Collect old clothes/toys from family & friends and take them to your closest orphanage.
  32. Donate your unused books to your local library.
  33. Become a mentor for a child.
  34. Buy someone dessert.
  35. Get children excited about kindness. Make handmade cards with your kids and have them delivered to your neighbors.
  36. Pick up litter at public places.
  37. Smile at strangers.
  38. Arrange a clothing drive in your neighborhood.
  39. Refrain from criticizing or gossiping for the day.
  40. Donate to a cause.
  41. Be generous with hugs and pats on the back.
  42. Give sincere compliments.
  43. Give the gift of laughter by sharing funny stories or jokes.
  44. Express gratitude to the people who make a difference in your life.
  45. Read to a child.
  46. Be a pen pal.
  47. Be a courteous driver.
  48. Visit a sick neighbor.
  49. Walk for raising awareness for a cause. Participate in walkathons.
  50. Crotchet or knit mufflers, gloves etc. to donate.
  51. Teach your kids the value of using gentle and kind language.
  52. Donate blood.
  53. Purchase a copy of a book about kindness and pass it on.
  54. Print an inspiring story/quote and put it on your work bulletin board.
  55. Write a note to your parents and tell them why they are special.
  56. Make a birdbath from a plastic dish and put it on your windowsill. Keep it filled with water.
  57. Call an animal shelter and find out what donations they need. Collect treats, food, medicines etc. for the shelter.
  58. Notify authorities immediately about wounded animals on roads. You may save a life.
  59. Give houseplants as gifts to teachers, friends or coworkers.
  60. Leave a bouquet of flowers at a neighbor’s door anonymously.
  61. Stop and help someone replace their flat tyre.
  62. Treat a friend to movie for no reason.
  63. Let someone jump the queue at the bank.
  64. Go through your things and donate the things you don’t need.
  65. Make extra copies of photos and send them to the people who are in the image.
  66. Leave nice comments and sincere suggestions on blogs, twitter and Facebook.
  67. Keep a pen on hand and lend it to people when needed.
  68. Be understanding of travelling parents with grumpy or noisy kids.
  69. Make amends for the wrongs you have done.
  70. Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it.
  71. Lend your expertise to people who genuinely need it but can’t afford it.
  72. Give CDs to your friends that have their favorite songs on them.
  73. Be happy for others and be enthusiastic when people share their good news.
  74. Give a glowing recommendation.
  75. Have you discovered something that has changed your life? Share what you know and inspire others.
  76. Be a friend to a new student/coworker.
  77. Distribute candies to kids.
  78. Give another driver your parking spot.
  79. Renew a friendship by sending a letter or small gift to someone you haven’t talked for a while.
  80. Give a bag of groceries to a homeless person.
  81. Make and distribute kindness bookmarks with your child.
  82. Invite an acquaintance to dinner.
  83. A special surprise mom-kid date!
  84. Email your friend a list of all the reasons for which you value your friendship.
  85. Send someone an animated greeting card on the internet.
  86. Bring cookies or some snack for coworkers.
  87. Offer to babysit.
  88. Send someone a small gift anonymously.
  89. Volunteer your time at a non-profit organization.
  90. Reach an item off a high shelf for someone.
  91. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with their household chores.
  92. Give your pocket change to someone who needs it.
  93. Run an errand for someone.
  94. Offer to pick up a friend or neighbor’s kids from school or daycare.
  95. Check in on someone you know is alone.
  96. Drop off books & magazines to old age home.
  97. Forfeit your weekly treat and donate your savings charity.
  98. Adopt an endangered animal from the world wildlife fund.
  99. Put a post it note of a smiley on someone’s desk.
  100. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.
  101. Give someone a ride.
  102. Anonymously slip someone in financial trouble a hundred rupee note.
  103. Give your assistance in tedious tasks.
  104. Bring soup to a friend suffering from cold.
  105. Tip the garbage man.
  106. Start a kindness box in your office. Have people put anonymous compliments into the box and read it once a month to everyone involved.
  107. Donate school supplies to your local school for the under-privileged.
  108. Invite someone new to sit at your lunch table in canteen.
  109. When you see a child doing an act of kindness, take time to stop and appreciate.
  110. Spread awareness for your favorite charity by talking about it to others or emailing the people in your list.
  111. Teach a child the importance of money by gifting him a piggy bank and put a few coins in there to motivate him.
  112. Do your best to prevent bullying.
  113. If you see someone crying, ask if there is anything you can do.
  114. Buy someone a treat while you are at the store.
  115. Buy someone a journal and randomly place inspirational quotes in it.
  116. Help someone cross the street.
  117. Give someone else the discount coupons that you don’t need.
  118. Share your umbrella on a rainy day.
  119. Wake up early to make breakfast for your household.
  120. Return someone’s lost belongings such as wallet/phone if you find them.
  121. Write someone’s name on a piece of paper. Now write down five kind words to describe that person and leave it at their desk anonymously.
  122. Start a coin jar. When it is full, donate it to your favorite charity.
  123. Buy a phone card and give it to someone less fortunate.
  124. Make a holiday basket filled with various baked goods to give to a slum child.
  125. Stay after the party and help clean up.
  126. Water a plant in your neighborhood and appears to be dying.
  127. Buy ice-cream for a kid.
  128. Encourage someone to pursue their dreams.
  129. Buy something from a charitable organization’s website to help them with fundraising.
  130. Subscribe someone for their favorite magazine.
  131. Say a prayer for your fellow beings before going to bed.
  132. Let go of a grudge.
  133. Cheer up a loved one by giving them an unexpected gift.
  134. Write a referral for someone on LinkedIn.
  135. Randomly hand out balloons to children at a park.
  136. Put some money in the donation box for charity.
  137. Sign up to be an organ donor.
  138. Hide an inspiring note in a library book.
  139. Respond to prayer/blessings requests on Facebook.
  140. Pick flowers and handout to the elderly with a smile.
  141. Help around your house with domestic chores.
  142. Share kind, inspiring quotes with others.
  143. Donate coloring books ad crayons to a hospital’s pediatric ward.
  144. Make small birthday bags with balloons, crayons, stickers, candies and leave it at an orphanage with a happy birthday note.
  145. Write heartfelt note to a manager telling about a friendly note.
  146. Clean up someone’s mess.
  147. Assemble care packages for slum kids in your area.
  148. Write a sweet love note for your kids and put it in their lunchbox before school.
  149. Praise a child for his good behavior.
  150. Be kind to someone you don’t like.
  151. Start a piggy bank for a cause.
  152. Be a shoulder to cry on for a friend.
  153. Make food parcels for people in need.
  154. Make a card at home and send it to a friend for no reason.
  155. Buy some cat/dog food for your local rescue home.
  156. Join Kiva.org and help people lift themselves out of poverty.
  157. Join a community group and help in your local community.
  158. Buy a homeless person a sandwich.
  159. Put up ‘kindness zone’ signs in your cabin to remind people to practice random acts of kindness.
  160. Tell someone they are special.
  161. Make ‘I care’ kits with combs, toothbrushes, soaps etc. for homeless people.
  162. Declutter and donate clothes & toys to the needy.
  163. Wave to neighbors as you drive through the neighborhood.
  164. Wash someone’s car for them.
  165. Write a poem telling someone how you feel about them.
  166. Help another shopper find an item they are looking for.
  167. Host a pot-luck dinner with your family and friends.
  168. Make someone laugh by sharing a funny cartoon.
  169. Fill empty jars with something someone needs. Decorate & give them away.
  170. Bake cookies and share them with others.
  171. Feed a stray animal.
  172. Join a worthy cause.
  173. Make a new friend today.
  174. Return a shopping cart.
  175. Assist elders with caring for their gardens.
  176. Be kind to yourself today by doing something to treat yourself.
  177. Help someone with their job search or help them write their resume.
  178. Use reusable shopping bags.
  179. Invite someone over for a holiday.
  180. Use reusable water bottles and help protect the environment.
  181. Give someone the benefit of doubt.
  182. Promote tranquility at home by keeping it simple, beautiful and organized.
  183. Make a conscious effort to include all those who will be affected by the outcome in the decision making process.
  184. Next time you receive a coupon in your email, forward it on to a friend in need.
  185. When you are purchasing your items in the checkout line, take a moment to speak with the employee helping you.
  186. Say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes.
  187. Click for a cause. For some causes, all you have to do is click on their website and they will receive funds.
  188. Donate your old equipment/appliances.
  189. Attend an event important to your loved one (even if it is something you are not remotely interested in.)
  190. Speak politely with everyone.
  191. Take care of someone’s pet when they are going for vacation.
  192. Donate old textbooks to someone who need it.
  193. Be a welcoming neighbor.
  194. Treat someone to fresh fruit.
  195. Share a positive blog post.
  196. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  197. Organize a fundraiser for some cause close to your heart.
  198. Start a kindness club.
  199. Obey traffic rules.
  200. Ask before you borrow.
  201. Weed a flower bed.
  202. Start a kindness journal or blog.
  203. Organize a carpool.
  204. Help end food waste. Think twice before you leave food on your plate.
  205. Share a snack.
  206. Make a conscious effort to act on every single thought of generosity that arises in your heart.
  207. Cheer a teammate.
  208. Help someone learn.
  209. Share a music playlist with a friend.
  210. Play a sport with a child or teen.
  211. Offer someone a piece of gum or candy.
  212. Give event passes to someone.
  213. Organize a charity day at your work.
  214. Be a good role model for your friends and siblings.
  215. Introduce yourself to a new classmate/coworker.
  216. Cook and deliver a meal to a friend who is sick.
  217. Bring someone a souvenir from vacation.
  218. Take good wishes global by helping out with international relief efforts. Non-profits like Charity Water have opportunities to get involved with projects overseas.
  219. Thank those working to keep you safe- the firemen, policemen etc.
  220. Drop a few coins in an area where children play.
  221. Leave a nice note on a stranger’s car.
  222. Wave back to the children who wave at you.
  223. Send a card to a child with cancer through hugsandhope.org
  224. Initiate one self-care act today.
  225. Forgive yourself for something you regret.
  226. Congratulate your boss for an aspect of leadership well done.
  227. Plan a family fun activity every week.
  228. Smile and be tolerant of morning commuters in a hurry.
  229. Tape a note and some change to a vending machine for someone who’s short of change.
  230. Leave an inspirational quote on your bus seat.
  231. Send a thank you email to the author of a book or article you enjoyed.
  232. Pack an extra lunch and give it to a homeless person.
  233. Start or sign a petition to bring attention to a cause.
  234. If you have fallen out with a friend, be the first to set things straight.
  235. Mow a neighbor’s lawn.
  236. Acknowledge people for a job well done.
  237. I you see a couple taking self pic, offer to take the picture for them.
  238. Give up the remote. Let someone else watch their show tonight.
  239. Stop to watch a street performer. Every musician appreciates an audience.
  240. Surprise someone with a cake on their birthday.
  241. Share the newspaper with a fellow commuter.
  242. Don’t get frustrated/ angry with waiters at fast food joint if they mess up your order. It wasn’t intentional.
  243. Put the clothes back on the hangers after you try them on in a store.
  244. Drop pennies for people to find for luck.
  245. Instead of sending a text message, take the time to pick up the phone and call a friend.
  246. Help a kid with his homework.
  247. Share your fresh flowers/ vegetables from your garden with a friend or neighbor.
  248. Photocopy jokes and put them under windshields for others to read.
  249. Give someone who is stuck working in the heat a bottle of water.
  250. Offer to guard other people’s stuff at bus stations while they buy their tickets.
  251. Be kinder than necessary.
  252. Leave stamps and a note by the mailbox inside the post office.
  253. Send birthday cards instead of sending text messages.
  254. Give someone a phone app as gift.
  255. You could be the best house guest ever by leaving a little something behind.
  256. Mail ‘gift cards’ to friends and family, just for the fun of it.
  257. Surprise someone with a handmade gift because it involves so much more than just opening your wallet.
  258. Give your boxes to someone who is moving.
  259. Have a shirt that your friend always compliments you on? Why not give it to her?
  260. Connect people to each other.
  261. Look for the best in the situation.
  262. Gift a child a kaleidoscope.
  263. Hang a sign on a bulletin board that says ‘take what you need’ – with tear off tabs at the bottom for love, hope, courage, faith and blessings.
  264. Share happy memories. Stick an old photo in the mail to a friend and write a note about the day it was taken on the back.
  265. Relay an overheard compliment.
  266. Strike up a conversation with someone who is standing alone at a party.
  267. Give someone a chance to prove himself.
  268. Donate to or volunteer for Make a wish foundation.
  269. Donate your kid’s outgrown uniforms to their school’s resource center. Often they use extra outfits when kids have an emergency.
  270. Send the leftover food after a party you hosted to the homeless shelter.
  271. Play games with a purpose. Play trivia games on www.freerice.com and correct answers send rice to feed hungry people around the world.
  272. With some beads and time, make a beaded bracelet for your friend.
  273. Let your staff leave work 15 minutes early today.
  274. Have everyone in your office draw the name of a random acts of kindness buddy and do a kind act for their buddy that day.
  275. Make a conscious effort to avoid the things you know annoy your family.
  276. Be someone’s cheerleader.
  277. Be the eternal optimist of the group.
  278. Create a happy book- Gather all your good memories and thoughts into one spot.
  279. Buy the stuff your neighbor’s kid is selling to encourage him.
  280. Respond timely to mails.
  281. Send a surprise book to someone from an online retailer.
  282. Keep your bad attitude to yourself.
  283. Pay someone else’s library fine.
  284. Pack up mini feast on a festival and drop it off to homeless people.
  285. Leave a gift card at a drive through window.
  286. Buy hot chocolate for the watchman.
  287. Leave thank you cards for your sanitation crew.
  288. Leave a surprise treat in someone’s grocery cart.
  289. Send a treat to a daycare center.
  290. Personally thank the chef for a good meal at the restaurant.
  291. Be inordinately friendly to the airline staff when your flight gets delayed.
  292. Tell someone face to face how much they mean to you.
  293. Share an experience with someone you love- perhaps a sunset or a special walk.
  294. Donate an hour a week to a good cause.
  295. Pay school fees of a child who can’t afford it.
  296. Give something to the next beggar you come across.
  297. Be the person at your workplace that others can come to discuss a problem or share ideas and receive inspiration.
  298. Click someone doing a random act of kindness and share online.
  299. Care for the sick.
  300. If a friend or neighbor is moving, offer to bring food.
  301. Email an article about kindness to your group every week.
  302. Arrange a conference call for your entire family.
  303. Donate soda cans, bottles etc. to a local organization that can turn them in to raise funds.
  304. Place a flower in your neighbor’s newspaper.
  305. Donate an hour of your professional services.
  306. Bus driver treat- Everyone needs a little thank you.
  307. Give a warm sweater to a homeless person in winters.
  308. Teach a child something you wish you know at his age.
  309. Write a nice message and give it to or leave it for someone to find it.
  310. Provide ‘snuggle blankets’ to animal shelter. Use some of your left over yarn to knit it.
  311. Be nice to customer care executives who are trying to help you with your technological difficulties.
  312. Forgive a driver directing road rage at you.
  313. Put a tip in a street musician’s jar.
  314. Offer sincere, kind words to someone who’s hurting.
  315. Replace an angry/bitter thought towards someone with a loving thought.
  316. Place pennies around a fountain and write ‘make a wish’ in chalk.
  317. Treat someone to a luxury they couldn’t afford otherwise.
  318. Include as many people as possible in your celebrations.
  319. Stage an early morning chalk attack. Pick a street and write ‘good morning’ or ‘have a nice day’ message on the driveway.
  320. Keep paying forward a random act of kindness done to you.
  321. Read a story to children at park/day care center.
  322. Welcome a new family to the neighborhood with dessert and introduction.
  323. Print coloring pages to be given to children.
  324. Become a monthly sponsor to some NGO of your choice.
  325. Make relief kits for disaster victims.
  326. Randomly celebrate your friends with a surprise treat.
  327. Buy a soccer ball for an under-privileged child.
  328. Send your used shoes to a shelter.
  329. Instead of birthday gifts, ask for donations for a charity.
  330. Let your light shine!
  331. Finish a task for someone who’s tired.
  332. Keep a secret.
  333. Send flowers or a card for no reason except to say you care.
  334. Do a chore for your spouse so he/she can sleep in.
  335. Tuck a ten rupee note inside a library book with a kindness card before you return it.
  336. Bring a surprise picnic lunch to a kid in the park.
  337. Compliment a stranger’s appearance.
  338. Inspire others online.
  339. Treat everyone with the same level of respect you would give your grandfather.
  340. If you overhear it’s someone’s birthday, go out of your way to wish them a happy one.
  341. Do a little something extra to make someone’s life easier.
  342. Give without expecting to get something in return.
  343. Encourage and teach others how to make a difference by setting an example.
  344. Write sweet notes to your kids on hearts, hang from ribbons in doorway of their bedroom while they are sleeping.
  345. Pay for someone’s lunch today.
  346. Play a board game with your children tonight.
  347. Leave diapers and wipes on a changing table in the public restroom.
  348. Knit a pair of booties for a newborn at hospital.
  349. Clean graffiti.
  350. Create a craft project or build a bird house with a child.
  351. Take good care of your pets and treat them with love & affection.
  352. Say a little prayer for someone in distress.
  353. Be vegetarian. At least once a week, go without meat.
  354. Lend your DVDs to friends.
  355. Buy medicines for someone ill.
  356. Don’t accept or give bribes.
  357. Share the link of an inspiring YouTube video with others.
  358. Buy fodder for stray cows at cow shelter.
  359. Pay the toll for the person behind you.
  360. Hold the elevator.
  361. Leave a collection of positive clippings at a waiting room.
  362. Give someone the gift of attentive listening.
  363. Send a random person in the phonebook a small gift.
  364. Tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window.
  365. Be the change you want to see in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get started right now and make a difference!



  1. Such a beautiful idea Shaloo. I am sure you are accumulating lot of good karma. Continue the lovely work you have started. Thanks for compiling this list. It sure does help. Btw, I have started to keep a daily journal (you had posted about it a couple of months back). Thanks to your idea, I am discovering a new me. <3 !

    1. I am glad that you are enjoying the journaling. It is indeed beneficial in so many ways you can’t even imagine. And sometimes, I even get blog post ideas while surfing through old journal entries.

  2. Lovely ideas. I follow some of them on a regular basis. as saying thanks or helping someone with directions, donating clothes, toys etc. Have donated blood twice in the last three years. But, I never have gathered the courage to smile to a stranger. (No. 37) In our country it could mean something else 🙁

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