A Reason to Celebrate

As I sat down to write

The best birthday wish I could think of

The words seem to fail me

And I stare at the empty page…


Happy birthday to the one in a million

A day filled with pleasure and boundless joy

Something seems amiss…

A birthday wish has to be extra special.


Your birthday is a priceless gift

To me and many, many more

For we are blessed to know you

And our lives lit up by your presence.


I think of the joyful memories

Of your wisdom and guidance

Your love and unflinching devotion

To serve always with a smile.


Your compassion and your patience

Even in the worst of situations

The innate sensitivity and humility

The desire to be the perfect servant.


Your fine virtues and other delights

Make you my perfect friend and guide

And I am gifted beyond words

Just by the pleasure of knowing you.


©2019 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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