Book Review: The Sun and Her Flowers

Well, I was lagging behind on my reading challenge and thought a poetry book would be a quick read. Rupi Kaur has taken the world by storm and the inquisitive me is following her on Instagram. I must admit that I was impressed by her one-liners on Instagram and that’s why I picked ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’.

The collection has poems exploring feminism, immigration, self-love, self-hate, girls supporting girls, motherly love, insecurity, sexual assault, and so much more. The book was a quick read and I finished it in a day. I didn’t love the whole book but there were some poems that I really loved. She deals with a vast range of emotions… sadness, anger, loss, grief, pride, guilt, pleasure, fear, shame, joy, surprise, love. She has written about sensitive topics without holding herself back. Perhaps it’s the honesty and rawness of her words which has struck chord with millions around the world!
The poems about immigration and refugees were quite heart touching. The pain and loneliness as well as the struggles in a strange land are beautifully articulated. Equally hard hitting are the poems about rape. The author’s poised, and straight forward writing oozes inspiration. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

despite knowing
they won’t be here for long
they still choose to live
their brightest lives

– sunflowers

what is the greatest lesson a woman should learn

that since day one
she’s already had everything she needs within herself
it’s the world that convinced her she did not


are man-made
they only divide us physically
don’t let them make us
turn on each other
– we are not enemies

i am sorry this world
could not keep you safe
may your journey home
be a soft and peaceful one

– rest in peace

That being said, I still felt her work is overhyped. I expected to read poetry but the book seemed like an extension of her Instagram account. Majority of the poems were just 3-4 lines without any punctuation. The book with its illustrations seemed more like random journal entries to me. Some of the ‘poems’ seemed so familiar- quotes that I have read before reworded in a new style! Here are a few examples:
You do not just wake up and become the butterfly
-Growth is a process.
we have been dying
since we got here
and forgot to enjoy the view

– live fully


I hear a thousand kind words about me
and it makes no difference
yet i hear one insult
and all confidence shatters

– focusing on the negative


To hate
Is an easy lazy thing
But to love
Takes strength
Everyone has
But not all are
Willing to practice

The poems are simple, direct and easy to grasp. Raw thoughts and emotions appealed to me as the reader. I may not like her style of poetry but I definitely loved what she advocates through her poems. On the whole, a good read!

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  1. I enjoy reading poetry and I dabble in writing a few now and then. Most of my poem ideas come from either looking at one of my photographs or from something the grandchildren do.

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