Book Review: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

If you are animal lover like me then ‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ is sure to pique your curiosity. An international bestseller, ‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ has been immensely popular with readers around the globe. With simple yet descriptive prose, the novel chronicles the travels of Nana the cat and his owner Sutoru, as they take a road journey to visit three of Satoru’s longtime friends.

The story is set in Japan. Sutoru discovers an injured stray cat and adopts him. With his crooked tail (a sign of good fortune) and adventurous spirit, Nana turns out to be a perfect companion. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, Sutoru can no longer take care of Nana and so he visits his friends in order to find a perfect family for Nana. As they travel together in a silver van across Japan with its ever-changing scenery, they discover the true meaning of love, loyalty and gratitude.  We don’t learn why Sutoru cannot take care of Nana until near the end of the book. The last few pages of the book are so heart-wrenching and sentimental that you must keep a box of tissues ready while reading.

‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ appears to be a simple, sentimental story told from the perspective of the proud cat Nana but it has many layers and deals with important life lessons on friendship, love, devotion, life and loss. The story doesn’t have the fast pace or drama of other books but this heartwarming story is sure to touch the deepest core of your heart.

The book is surely a tear-jerker and is must read for any cat lover. Not just cat lovers; but any animal lover would find the book endearing. It is a celebration of the true, loving companionship between humans and their pets. Highly recommended as sometimes a good happy-sad cry is just what you need!

Title: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Author: Hiro Arikawa

Genres: Domestic Fiction, Road Fiction

Originally published: November 2012

Page Count: 277

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