A Brand New Day

Every day brings with it endless possibilities. It’s up to us how we use the day to our most advantage. Positive thoughts in the morning set the pace of the day. So welcome each day with hope and joy.

A brand new day,
With hopes and countless blessings.
New goals, new ambitions,
Renewed enthusiasm for a new innings.
Yesterday is gone,
With all its glory and lessons to teach.
Tomorrow is yet to come,
With possibilities galore and heights to reach.
Rocking between past and future,
Remember there is a present to nurture.
Welcome today with open arms,
Here lies happiness with all its charms.
A brand new day, a brand new gift,
Pray more, worry less.
Count your blessings, let your perspective shift,
Be happy now and say goodbye to stress.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



    1. Anxiety has never solved anything. Whatever is the reason for your anxiety, just remember that ‘This shall also pass.’

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