How to Make Happiness a Habit (Without Driving Everyone Crazy!)

According to a survey about the global ranking of the happiest nations, India is at the 117th spot out of 158 countries on the index that took into account GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support & freedom to make life choices as indicators of happiness. Switzerland was named the happiest country in the world by bagging the number one spot on the 2015 World Happiness Report published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which is a global initiative for the United Nations.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. It’s a choice that we make. Living happily without complaints and regrets, making the most of what life has to offer is a habit. Happy people are just like the rest of us but they have made happiness a priority in their life by incorporating slight changes into their daily life and most importantly by scheduling time in their daily routine for activities that make them happy.

It’s easy to be happy. You just need to learn the secret to happiness. The secret to be happy begins with these simple tips:

  1. Do Less: Where is the time to relax and be happy if you are always neck deep in work and over-burdened with things to do? Say no to your unnecessary commitments. Delegate some of your work and cut out the unessential from your daily routine to free some time for yourself to relax and enjoy life.
  2. One task at a time: Forget multitasking. Focus on one task at a time rather than continuously hopping from one task to another. Complete one task to satisfaction before moving on to the next.
  3. Hang out with your friends: Keeping your troubles aside and take time to meet & have fun with your friends. Don’t get together and drown each other in misery by sharing your troubles but use this time to share hearty laughs and relaxing moments.
  4. Get some fresh air: Take a stroll in the neighborhood park and spend some time with nature. A simple, leisurely walk in the nature will bring a sense of calm and soothe your nerves. Enjoy and savor the beauty of the nature while taking the walk.
  5. Tidy your home: Clutter is a source of constant stress. Declutter and organize your home. A tidy and aesthetically pleasing home will make you a lot more happier and relaxed.
  6. Practice gratitude: Life is not always perfect. We have a lot to be grateful for but we choose to focus on the lack in our life. Just the simple practice of being in gratitude brings a lot of happiness and abundance in our life.
  7. Turn up the music: Music is something that everyone loves. Play your favorite music at any time of the day and let your worries melt away with the music.
  8. Exercise: A recent study suggests that healthy and fit people are 20% happier than the rest. Exercise for some time daily to feel energetic and upbeat throughout the day.
  9. Live in the present: Take the time to enjoy the ‘now’ by living in the present moment. Don’t get bogged down by the anxieties about the future but learn to appreciate the simple joys that the present has to offer.
  10. Spread the love: The simple law of attraction says that you receive what you give. Be kind and generous. Do random acts of kindness. You will be amazed at the happiness and satisfaction that you feel when you make others happy.

And the last and the most important tip is to PRAY. Faith and total surrender to God makes you face life’s challenges with courage and gives you immense inner peace and joy.

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  1. I had read about the 117th rank and could not believe it. I thought we did better.

    Agree to 9/10 points mentioned. But Have been used to multitasking since childhood. Like 2-3 things have to go on at a time. ?

    This was a nice read. Well classified points. ?

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