Bye Bye Procrastination

Ever since I took up this new job, I have been so caught up with work and the result is that I don’t get enough time for the things I love the most. I have been blogging very irregularly and sketching has almost taken a backseat. Thankfully, I still manage to do my daily sadhna. After a long period of ill health, I have been better since last two months. So I have started going for evening walks and I have been able to maintain the schedule so far.

Another thing that I have been regular is my daily reading habit. This year I have also taken Goodreads Reading Challenge- my first one so far. I have taken a challenge of reading 40 books this year. I have read 16 books till date and reading the 17th these days. I have also made it a point to write reviews of all the books that I read this year. And if you are a regular reader of this blog then you might have noticed that most of my posts this year have been book reviews.

And now there are two things that I need to bring back on track- blogging and sketching. No more long periods of absence from the blog and I promise to write at least twice here ever week and at least one post a month on my astrology blog. (If you haven’t checked my astrology blog yet, then here’s the link!)

Sketching is another area I need to focus at. How can I perfect the art without practice? So no more procrastination and starting today, I put my plan into action. Here’s the sketch that I made today:

This is the first time I have sketched a face and used pencil colours on it. Though there is room for improvement but I am still pleased with the result, considering the long gap. What you guys think of it? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Your sketch has potential. It’s a good start. It could be a portrait if you finished the back of the head and made it look three dimensional. As it is, it looks like a mask. But a sketch is a simple drawing, by definition. The colors are good. Not too strong or gaudy. Keep improving.

    1. Thank you! Being a beginner, I keep my sketches simple. Will move on to portraits gradually but for now, I have to perfect the techniques.

  2. Glad to know you are getting back to things you love and doing well! 40 books is an amazing goal ? Wish you continued well-being and happiness. The sketch has turned out awesome!

  3. 40 books a year! That seems quite a tough target ?
    Anyway, we also like reading your experience and interpretation of life. Keep posting.

    1. Not a tough target when one loves to read. So far have managed to three books a month and so I hope that I will be able to achieve the target!

  4. I completely understand how a job can take over your life. My job often requires me to work long hours, sometimes as much as 16 hours so I have very little me time. Finally I made the decision to put in for my retirement. I’ve been working since 1976! That’s over 40 years and I want to get my life back. Of course I always make room for Bible reading and prayer but there are so many other aspects of my life that I wish to explore and expand. I’ll be 60 next year and I want my 60s and Lord willing if I live to my 70s to be the most creative part of my life until God calls me home. It will be wonderful to get away from having my life revolving around work as opposed to family and creative pursuits. However as you stated one must make a decision to move forward in life and prioritize. God Bless.

    1. 16 hours a day is indeed quite long. It’s really amazing how you still manage to blog regularly! May God bless us all to pursue the things that matter the most!

  5. I hope your new job has started on a good note. Jobs have a way of hogging all our time, and new jobs are particularly bad. The sketch is really good. Keep sketching and writing ?

    1. Thank you dear…I am enjoying the job. It’s just that I am not able to strike a balance. But now that I have publicly committed to blogging and sketching, I will be regular.

      1. Good…. That’s an excellent initiative. I believe one must always find time for what they love doing besides work, or else there’s no fun in living this only life that we have. You go, Ma’am. Paint and write to your heart’s content!

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