Difficulties are blessings in disguise

“Why do you have to think
Of your difficulties
As negative forces?
Just think of them
As opportunities.
Lo, they will increase
Your inner and outer capacities!”

– Sri Chinmoy

What a beautiful and inspirational quote! Adversities are often considered as stumbling blocks. We seldom think of adversities as an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s all in the mind. We can get stressed about difficulties and lose hope or we can use difficulties as an opportunity to realize our inner potential.

Most of us resist change and are living happily in our comfort zones. But this often leads to stagnation. Difficulties throw us out of our comfort zones. When faced with difficulties, we try our best to come out of it by exploring our inner strengths and making the best use of the available resources. Difficulties challenge us to think out of the box and think of innovative solutions to get out of the problem.

Another beautiful way of looking at the difficulties is that they bring us closer to the divine. We may forget God when we are happy but in distress, we find solace in the lotus feet of God. Surrender to the divine is our only hope when all the doors seem to be closed. Queen Kunti in Mahabharata prays to Lord Krsna for difficulties in life because Krsna was always with her when she was in distress.

Difficulties can breed negativity in your life or difficulties can brighten the hopes for a better future by the opportunities they present. It’s how you choose to look at them.

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