I Feel Happy


I feel happy

And found myself smiling

Why? I have no idea

But it feels good

I close my eyes

And savour the feeling

I take a deep breath in

And feel the bliss seeping in

Peace permeating every pore

And I feel life is beautiful

This moment, this very moment

I look out of the window

The chirping birds, the green trees

Inviting me for a moment of solitude

And a conversation with the divine

I look around my room

The bed, the books, the clock, the fan

And feel gratitude rushing through

For the little things I hardly noticed before

Am I in a trance

Or is it some kind of magic?

This transitory happiness

How long will it last?

I shake the thought away

For today I choose to be happy

Drenched in joy

And look at the world

Through rainbow glasses

For now I know the coveted secret

Of the magic that lies not outside

But within my own treacherous mind.

©2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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