A Fresh Perspective: Declutter, Reflect, Reinvent

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There are times when everything seems to go downhill. It could be due to anything: the clutter in your house, financial problems, debts, failed relationship, ailing health and so on. At times like these, we often lose hope and hit the rock bottom. Though it seems at the moment that everything is lost but it’s just the start of a new beginning. This is the time for a fresh perspective.


The first thing to do is to declutter. Yes it’s very essential to cut from your life that is not adding value or that is adding stress. Declutter your home. Take control of your finances and strive to be debt free. Cut back on the people and relationships which are no longer adding joy to your life and instead fill you only with negativity. Take control of your diet and fitness routine to restore your health. A massive decluttering should be on the way when life goes downhill.


Another important thing is to reflect. There is no point in brooding over the past but reflecting on the past to understand where you went wrong and what can be done to rectify the mistakes you did can definitely help. Reflection is essential to make strategies for the future.


And then comes the reinvention part. You have to reinvent yourself and your life in order to be stronger, wiser and a happier you. From coming out of sadness and misery, you have to reinvent yourself into a person who is shining with confidence and joy.

Life is a series of ups and downs. But wise are the ones who don’t get bogged down by the ups and downs and take it in its stride. This is a means to allow you a fresh perspective to life. It is to help you beautify and organize your life by decluttering, reflecting and reinventing yourself.

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  1. I did both winter and spring cleaning. Gave away clothing that no longer fit me to my Church.

    Over time I’ve removed many toxic People from my life.

    Still doing my best to get my financial situation in order. That will take time. I spend a lot of time in prayer asking for God’s guidance and grace.

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