If you must judge…

Some people have the tendency to poke their nose in others’ business. In our society, a woman is particularly judged for her relationship status. If she is single or divorced then so many questions keep coming her way. They have to face the inquisitive and prying looks all the time which is really annoying. This poem is written as a response to all those over-inquisitive people who should rather mind their own business.

I am tired of being judged
For the absence of a man in my life.
I don’t need a man to define me
I was never a shadow anyways.
I am tired of being judged by my past
The doors were shut tightly long back
Neither I live there anymore nor do I revisit
My present is who I am.
If judge you must then judge me
By the times I have stood up after being fallen
By the scars I proudly wear like a warrior
By the smiles and laughter amongst all odds.
Don’t sympathize or feel pity
For I am not an insect crawling through life
But an eagle aiming to tame the skies
With an indomitable spirit and with my held high.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Lovely poem!! And I agree totally! It’s so freaking annoying… but I’m with you on the “eagle taming the skies” – love that! Without a man, it’s much easier to enjoy the company of oneself and work on bettering and constantly improving as a human being!

    1. Being with a man or without is an individual choice and I think, others should respect that instead of being judgemental about it. I am glad that you liked the poem.

    1. Thank you Anne for your kind words! I wish women would realize their worth and don’t feel intimidated or insecure by what the society expects from them!

  2. It’s vital to have compassion towards others, as their road is very different than our own, hence judgement is of the old energy pattern, it serves no one, yet compassion heals all wounds.

    1. You are right. We all are so different. So instead of judging, we should try to understand and be compassionate.

      1. Oh, yes. Unhappy relationships are worse than being alone. And alone is fine as long as we’re happy. The poem is uplifting and empowering. I was just commenting on the illustration and quote. I don’t believe anyone is “designed to be alone.” ❤

        1. Hmmm…There are people who prefer being alone. I don’t know if it’s by choice or by fate. In any case, one should aim at happiness whether it’s in a relationship or in being alone.

  3. Everyone deserves company, being in one’s own company brings in the most love one can imagine. Love the poem but love the picture more..your own drawing?

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