The Incomplete Story

Love is our very existence. We can’t imagine a life without love. And yet love is the most complicated of all the emotions. You love someone but hesitate to express for the fear of rejection. Here’s a poem expressing the same age old dilemma of love.

I don’t say it aloud nor do you

But I know that you  know it too

You pretend to be oblivious

Of the feelings buried deep inside

Waiting to erupt like a sleeping volcano

Bringing everything down with the surge of emotions

Pangs of jealousy shoot through me

And doubts reign supreme

Tormenting me every waking moment

Yearning for a sign, an affirmation

And yet I choose to be quiet

Not trusting the words unuttered

Conveyed by the flitting glances

For the fear unknown of losing

In trying to possess

Someday, may be, someday…

Love shall proclaim

For how long a flowing stream can be restrained

It will find a way to flow and nourish

The parched souls waiting for a drop

Ending the drought of a decade

And I wait for the day

Soaking in every moment with love

Trusting the divine to unfold

The incomplete story of you and me.

©2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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