Just a mirage…

Fairy tales always have a happy ending. We grow up reading fairy tale romances and thinking of our prince in the shining armor. But love is just a mirage. Love is a disillusionment which leaves us broken-hearted.

And they lived happily ever after…

Yes, I believed it happens that way

Just like in the fairy tales granny used to tell every night

A prince charming in shining armor

Love at first night and the happy endings.

I believed in Cinderella and in Snow-White

In the prince who resurrects the sleeping beauty

In the kiss that transforms the frog into the handsome prince

And in the pure love that transformed the beast.

Yes, I believed in it all-

The beauty and magic of love!

But those were fairy tales

And fairies don’t exist!

Happily ever after is a mirage

And true love is nothing but a poet’s dream.

Yes, nothing but a figment of imagination

Just like the prince on white horse from the far-off lands.

Betrayals and lies, bitterness and scars

Forgotten are the promises of the moon and the stars

Jolted out of reverie, reality stares in face

And life is now a series of endless compromises.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




  1. Although fairy tales are unrealistic and give false hope, love is not a mirage. The fairy tales neglect to mention that happily ever after is not consistent! There are the good times and there are the bad and to maintain a relationship take a lot of work. It takes two to make the relationship and two to break it. Almost 22 years ago I saw a man and we fell in love at first sight. We got married and he treated my son from my previous marriage as his own. We lost two babies but finally had a successful pregnancy. We ended up have much turmoil and unhappiness. We got a divorce after four years of marriage. Things are much different for us now. We are unofficially back together. We live separately and did not remarry but we are more husband and wife now than when we were married. I have always referred to him as my knight in shinning armour. Then three years ago we lost my oldest son. We are now down to one child after four pregnancies. I do not recall reading about this in fairy tales!! My point being is that fairy tales make children believe things that cannot happen. These beliefs carry into adulthood and leave us bitter and disillusioned. Love is not a mirage; however, it is NOT what fairy tales teach us.

    1. If both are willing to adjust and make it work for the sake of love then definitely marriage can be a happy and fulfilling one.

  2. Wow….that’s a wonderful dose of realism, Shaloo. My own story has modified by perception where I see ‘small compromises’ as an essential ingredient of love. Some call it giving space, others giving in. The fairy-tale love essentially needs to grow and mature into all the colours of the rainbow, for it to be able to sustain itself over time. However, given the level of materialism, change in value systems and the growing external influences, it is becoming a rare phenomenon…..slowly relegating it to what might in the near future actually become just a fairy tale.

    1. Adjustments are necessary to make a relationship work. Compromises beyond a limit (even if for the sake of love) become a burden and begin to suffocate.

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