Love will set you free!

Have you ever been in love with someone who is commitment-phobic? You probably knew that there is no future of this relationship but still you couldn’t hold yourself back. Love is such a complex emotion. People fall in love with someone who is probably not interested in them and yet they keep yearning for their love. Sometimes you fall in love with a person who is wary of making a commitment. You feel frustrated as all your love is still not enough for that person to believe in the magic of love and commitment. Yet it’s hard to break free from the entanglement of love.

The only solution is to love without expectations. It’s very hard, I know. The only reason that we get hurt in love is because of our expectations from the other person. If you don’t want to get hurt then you must learn to be selfless in love. Remember that expectations reduce joy.

Here’s my poem conveying the feelings of someone whose love is not reciprocated:

When I’m in your warm embrace,

All the resistance it takes.

I’m melting in your arms,

Succumbing to your charms.

I tried to stay away, I swear

Convincing myself, I didn’t care.

Rejection in love is hard to bear,

I buried all emotions beneath many layers.

I’ve come so far, there’s no going back

Love is there, it’s the commitment you lack.

Chasing your dreams, there’s no time for love

Caging a free bird, whom I’m trying to bluff?

Turning stone cold, spurning your advances

Now with love, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Still one look from you and my heart missed a beat,

All my resolve took a backseat.

Believe in love, it will not betray you.

Have faith in love, love will not dismay or enslave you.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Expectations are as natural as love, they are ingrained in human nature. However we can lower them and train our mind to keep away from them BUT it takes a whole life to understand these harsh realities…and desires, demands, aspirations keep playing with our emotions!

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