To the shades of night

Nights are long and dark, bringing forth various emotions on the fore. It’s a time to blissfully slip into the world of dreams or sometimes to stay awake haunted by the thoughts of the past or being in a dreamy state of future promises. Here is a  poem describing the various shades of night and the emotions it evokes.

Lying awake and watching the various shades of night

Weary, long and tedious and sometimes pure delight

Loneliness grips overwhelming me with strange fright

At times, drifting to sleep as if caressed by moonlight.

Fiery serpents hissing in the languishingly dark

Blazing fire venomously, igniting the spark

And I writhe in crushing pain and cruel agony

With a broken spirit unable to cope with misery.

Sometimes the winds sing a soothing, sweet lullaby

A thousand blissful images in front of me flutter by

And my heart clings to the words of your promise

The flickering lights dance signaling a flawless romance.

Weaving magical dreams and their heavenly, multicolored hues

And sometimes brings back the faded memories of bruised blues

With his shadow lurking menacingly, what more can I lose

And then hopes of the rainbows that I will undoubtedly pursue.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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