Keep it light

I am quite influenced by minimalist bloggers like Leo Babauta, Courtney Carver, Joshua Becker etc. Though leading an extremely minimalistic life is not possible for me but there are certain aspects of minimalism that inspire me a lot. Minimalism is all about cutting back on the unnecessary, keeping it light and focusing on the essential. This is quite necessary for a happy and fulfilling life. This poem of mine is inspired by minimalism and talks about adopting a minimalist attitude in life.

Say no to the toxic relationships

Feeding on you like a termite

Making you hollow inside

Bereft of happiness and all there is

That gnawing feeling of unworthiness.

Keep it light…

Say no to the stress

Consuming you like a slow poison

Sucking the vitality out of you

Leaving you over-burdened and anxious

Yearning for just a moment in peace.

Keep it light…

Say no to the clutter

Be it physical, mental or emotional

Keeping you over-whelmed and shackled

In its excesses resulting only in bondage

Leaving no room for the new to enter.

Keep it light…

Say no to everything unwanted

That doesn’t add up or beautify

That doesn’t excite you or entice you

And doesn’t fill your heart with joy and gratitude.

Keep it light…

For your life is your canvas

To fill up with all the hues you want

And portray the dreams in your heart.

Your life- your canvas, your sacred space

Reflecting your message to the world.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Very true Shaloo. I loved your poem which conveys the rationale behind minimalism so well. There is no end to our wants and desires. Unless we learn to put a cap on our desires there is no way to be contented.

  2. Lovely poem and very well written!! As someone who is currently working on de-cluttering my life, this hits close to home ?

    Kathrin —

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