Success or Happiness?

People often commit the mistake of equating success with happiness. Materialism has taught us to measure happiness in terms of success, money, fame, power etc. But does money and success truly bring us happiness?

Life is beautiful, they say!
Hopes and dreams light up their way.
The burning desire, the passion to achieve
Success and power is happiness, they believe.
Slogging day and night with the aim to succeed,
Chasing goals after goals forgetting their needs.
Rewards and recognitions keep them striving for more,
Smitten by the lure of luxuries galore
Money takes precedence over family and friends.
Being ever busy has become the trend.
Stress and worry is their new lifestyle.
In pursuit of success, they have lost their smile.
Life is still beautiful but no time to appreciate
Success is there but their life has started to deteriorate.
The realization comes but a bit too late.
Those who matter cannot forever wait.
A balanced approach with priorities clear,
Temptations of money shouldn’t let you steer
Peace, love, contentment and family time
Success without happiness isn’t worth a dime.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. You’ve put it so well in this poem where everything is equated to money and breeding unethical practices. I think we should avoid compare material gains. Very well said:)

    1. Thanks! In the mad race of earning money, if we are compromising on our happiness then it is definitely a bad deal.

  2. Very true. Many find success and realize they still aren’t truly happy. Happiness comes from within, not from fame, success, or material possessions. Exellent!

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