The Other Side of the Mirror

Mirror shows us our true reflection. We can lie to anyone but not to the person whose reflection we see in the mirror. There was a time when I was lost and dejected. I used to write my feelings in my diary in order to motivate myself and bring myself out of the fathomless pit of hopelessness I was sinking into. Today I share a poem from my journal where I tell myself to come out of victim consciousness and face all odds with determination.

I see a stranger in the mirror.

Is this me, I wonder?

Bruised ego, Battered soul

Hard times have taken its toll.

Bitterness and revenge is all I see,

This is not what I wanted to be.

I see a victim in the mirror.

Is this me? I watch in horror!

No more pity, no more crying.

Failures won’t deter me, I won’t stop trying.

Defeat is for the valiant, I am proud of my scars.

With renewed dreams, I will reach for the stars.

I see a warrior in the mirror,

With an indomitable spirit and a heart full of prayer.

This is who I am! My lost glory I’ll reclaim.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, I will rise again.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



    1. I accidentally ended up deleting my whole blog and since files were permanently deleted, even my IT guy is unable to retrieve it. I can act really stupid at times 🙁

        1. There is no way that I can recover it. But thankfully I had saved the articles on my laptop. So I will be manually uploading them and redesigning the site all over again.

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