For A.P.D. on his birthday

I can’t thank A.P.D. enough for his gracious presence in my life. He has been gently nudging me towards Krsna, patiently answering my queries and clarifying my doubts. He has been a friend, philosopher and guide during the last few years. Here’s a small poem that I wrote (during the first year of friendship) for his birthday expressing my gratitude and heart-felt wishes.

With blessings galore, I wish you a happy birthday

No presents, no gifts but only my heart-felt prayer

That your life may always be happy, sweet and fair

And all the hurdles in your life be taken away.

May you keep spreading the heavenly light

And ascend with love and joy to greater heights!

A servant of the servant of the Lord to perfection

And may you always be your master’s reflection!

May you be blessed with the virtues most divine

And the grace you seek in your heart shine!

Savoring the nectar of service and deep devotion

May your joys be vast like the deep endless ocean!


© 2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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